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Peace by Piece Thrift Store and Community Center is dedicated to serving our communities with affordable clothing and programs that meet the needs of community members through English classes, employment preparation, after-school tutoring, and citizenship classes.


All proceeds from our stores go directly to fund these programs. Our hope is that all who enter our stores and participate in our community center programs, leave as friends having felt welcomed and embraced.

"Everyone longs to be loved. The greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved and capable of loving."

Fred Rogers


Peace by Piece Thrift Stores was founded to help our neighbors in our communities. We endeavor to enrich the lives of our neighbors by providing needed programs. 


We have a heart for communities and for people. Our vision and heartfelt desire is to discover and meet the needs of communities. We design each store with the vision of not only being a great place to shop but a safe and comfortable meeting place for friends and neighbors who are there to help each other. At Peace by Piece, our love knows no boundaries! Everyone is welcome! Everyone is loved!

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Our hope is that through Peace by Piece Thrift Stores and Community Centers, communities will come together to love, support, accept and help their neighbors.

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Get Involved and Make Change Today!

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